Do Fun Stuff and Make Good Stuff Happen

I still remember the first time I read this guy. I was sitting in line at one of those drive-thru car washes and I read a post of his that hooked me. I guess what blew me away was that here was this GUY writing about his FEELINGS and well, ladeez, need I say more?  I mean, when my man writes me a few of his feelings in a birthday or anniversary card, I savor those few words for as long as possible  A guy writing about feelings is  better than a diamond ring for me. Seriously.

I have followed this guy’s journey from the sidelines checking in when I can.  I read along as his wife became pregnant and gave birth to their gorgeous daughter and I read when his young stepson received the official diagnosis of Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS) in late 2009.  Before the diagnosis, he would write about his stepson and would allude to some of the issues his stepson faced that were different than other kids his age but it was clear that there was a lot of uncertainty as to why the stepson was different.

After the diagnosis of Smith Magenis Snydrome, this guy has been on a mission.  A mission to learn more. A mission to shine a light on a condition that not too many people know too much about.  A mission to empower other parents by arming them with INFORMATION.  A mission to inspire more funds so that more research can happen.  A mission to make sure that other parents aren’t left in the dark for as long as he and his wife were before the diagnosis.

And I am totally behind this mission.

So I’m telling you about this –

Do Fun Stuff.

Do you like cool music for kids that doesn’t make you insane while listening to it? The kind of tunes you and your kids can groove to in your living room? (one of my favorite past times by the way) Well, by checking out Do Fun Stuff and buying the original kidz’ music album that the guy I’ve been writing about produced with the help of some awesome visionary artists,  you can help other families with SMS not feel so in the dark.  Shining a light on SMS.  And dancing while we’re at it.  Not a bad deal at all.

Thanks for listening and Happy Monday!

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  1. Amy says:

    I went and checked out the site. Watched the video of LB, and am buying the CD.


  2. Ann's Rants says:

    Such a nice tribute. Dude? I miss you. So glad I will see you soon!

    Huge love going your way. I mean it.

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