Another Creative Venture

This space of mine.  As my busy working mama summer life swirled around me, I barely found the time to write here. But I love this place. And I know it’s always there just waiting for me to jump back in. And the other voices that have shared a moment or two or more here have come and go and others have become intertwined in my “in real life” life for what seems like, the long haul.  Friends.

I feel invested here.  In the online space.  For all different kinds of reasons and to achieve a variety of creative goals. Here, I explore my voice as I have struggled to become a mother. Because for me, becoming a mother did not happen when I birthed my firstborn. I became a mother, sure. But only from the outside view.  The inside view was a much more complicated one.  And my path continues to be uniquely my own as I dig deeper and I learn more about what it means to really be a mother.

I started The State of the Mom to merge my professional life as a television producer with my mom life.  I wanted to explore the opportunities  I discovered online in producing unique video content. But it’s tough to keep producing for free but I remain optimistic that I can further my online labor of love as the online mom space continues to evolve.

I also have my hands in another venture called Project Mom Casting which has been an extremely exciting venture as we attempt to translate the online space to the television world in which I work.  The development process to bring this idea to life will be lengthy but that’s just the process. So I’m in.

And now, I find myself being at the head of another creative venture that I care deeply about – Creative Alliance ’10. It was an idea born with these chicks after my adventure to Wisconsin in January for The Original Cupcake.  Creative women in the online space need support and alliances as we navigate our way down the road of pursuing our individual dreams so we thought why not sculpt an intimate conference experience where we can all gather and actually get to know one another in an authentic way?  I am beyond excited for this event because for me quality interaction is really the only thing that matters.  And passing someone in the expo hall at a huge event and talking for two minutes is cool and all….but it’s not a connection that lasts.  And I’m into things that last…..

So if you are a creative woman finding your way in this online space and crave a different kind of conference experience, check it out. I’d love to hang with you…..

Happy Friday!

4 Responses to “Another Creative Venture”

  1. Jen says:

    Wow, this sounds really awesome. 🙂

  2. Ash says:


    That is all.

    (you’ve been written into my will for grabbing my button. Love you xoxo)

  3. wish I could swing it. it sounds incredible. next time give me a little heads up, will ya? 😉


  4. Alexandra says:

    Hi, I came over from AshatShades. Too late, I see, would’ve loved the Calif conference.

    Ash said I”d really like you, and I do.

    I’m trying to assemble a life back together, and I’m taken with inspiration seeing how Ann’sRants has done it, and Smacksy, and Jessica Bern are doing it after children.

    Lovely to meet you.

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