To my kids

written on a plane somewhere over Texas, I think

Dear Claire, Phoebe and Tommy,

You know what Mommy thinks about when I’m away? You. Yep. You Claire. You Phoebe. You Tommy. And it brings tears to my eyes thinking about how badly I want to hug each of you up. Lay on the couch in a heap of cuddles and smell you and kiss you and love on you. I never thought I would feel this way before I became your mom. How I would feel incomplete if you weren’t near me. I think I’ll always feel this way when we’re apart.

Before you, I could hop on a plane and soak in the adventure. I could think about being right where I am and nowhere else. I would thrive on the stories I would create as I ventured far from home. Your mom has traveled not nearly as much as Uncle Mark or Auntie Julie but more than many. The thought of living a day in an unknown place not sure what the day would bring was addicting to me…before you.

But now that I have you? All of you? It’ll never be that way again. And I’m okay with that. Because the amazing thing about being your mom is that every single moment can feel like the greatest adventure with you three around. You’ve taken me to the highest peaks and the lowest valleys. You’ve made me search the terrain of my soul to discover things I never knew existed. What have I found is more valuable than what I would see in any museum. The landscape of my heart now that you are woven into it is richer and more colorful and more inspiring than any sunset I could see setting over foreign lands.

But you know what? I still love to travel. I just want you with me.

So as I’m flying over Lousiana on my way back home to you, I’m getting excited about the next great big adventure, but one where we are together. And I’ll love it all the same…no matter if we venture to some distant shores or to the smoothie store down the street or to our backyard for a swing.

I love you.


6 Responses to “To my kids”

  1. samara says:

    It’s always a nice pleasant surprise when I see a post written by you in my reader! I love this…I can only imagine how hard traveling away from your kiddos can be!

  2. Amy says:

    Love it my friend! Very well done.

    I miss you. We need to catch up. I haven’t even heard how you celebrated your big day. Are you done traveling? What are you doing for Tgiving etc. etc. etc.


  3. Beautiful! I’m betting that you are hugging them right now and they are loving it!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lee!

    BTW your Creative Alliance post is BRILLIANT!

  4. Michelle says:

    So sweet! It is hard to be away from them.

  5. ash says:

    Those three angels are so very blessed.


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