Giving a Hug To Someone Who Really Needs One…..Me

I woke up this morning a little before 6 AM and sat in the stillness for a few minutes before peeling myself out of the comfiest bed ever to a dark and misty morning. After his nightly trek up the stairs to our room, my 3-year-old lover boy was snuggled next to me breathing deep and sound. My man had risen nearly an hour before me because that’s just who he is. I’m still kinda jealous about his early morning expertise because there is something pretty stellar about the still of early morn. I heard the front door close and I knew he was off to grab our cappuccinos because our espresso machine is in need of repair.

I felt like I usually feel when I pry myself from my most favorite horizontal position. My head spins slightly and my muscles ache as I try to get them moving for the day. As I stood in the closet to throw on a sweatshirt and grab my Uggs, I felt the remnants of another day spent sitting at a computer at work. My neck and my shoulders ached because of course, I have not taken the time to make sure my set-up is as ergonomic as it can be. And then I thought of it… little black secret weapon folded in my closet. And I knew I would grab it, heat it up and use it. Right then and there. To start my day….

…my Moji Tension Release.

So to get it all out there let me say I would have had NO idea about this product if Heather had not introduced me to this company. They then signed on to sponsor CA ’10 which gave me the opportunity to get to know them more. And of course Moji sponsored CA ’10 because they are a young company trying to connect with some online voices who might be willing to spread the word about their innovative products. And I wouldn’t be spreading the word if I didn’t think this was one cool product.

When Moji’s devoted rep, Lynne, hung out with us in Ojai, she said something that stuck with me.  She asked us, as women and moms, that if we had an extra $100 to spare, who and what would we spend it on? And if we did spend it on ourselves what would we buy with it?

I really thought about this line of questioning because as a generally insane working mom of three, I ALMOST ALWAYS forgo the kinds of activities and products that actually contribute to my well-being and overall health.  My mind immediately went to the fact that with the extra money,  I would probably just pay off some outstanding credit card debt or spend it on something the house needed or the kids needed and if I DID spend it on me, it would most likely be for a meaningless piece of clothing. I wouldn’t really think to invest in a product that heats up in the microwave in two minutes that I could wrap around my tense neck and shoulders to provide some soothing relief.

And I started reflecting on why not? Why wouldn’t I buy that? Because it’s not “practical?” Because it feels indulgent? Because it’s not an absolute necessity? Yeah, a combination of all of those things. But mainly because as a generally insane working mom of three, I have forgotten that to take care of ME is one of the most important things I can do for not only myself but my family.  Because a more relaxed, happier me makes for a more relaxed, happier family. Plain and simple.

So this Moji Tension Release is my current addiction. Watching TV. In the morning as I make the kids lunches. Sitting at the computer late at night. It’s my mini-indulgence that eases the tension I seem to carry each and every day in my neck and shoulders and back.

(For the record, this picture is not me.)

Lynne at Moji created a cool mini-holiday campaign where we think about the person we would most want to give a hug to this holiday season….because truly, this Moji Tension Release IS like giving a hug.  A lasting hug.  And there are many people I want to give a hug to….many. But this product and meeting Moji has helped me to realize that the person I need to be hugging a little bit more is me.

So my thoughts this holiday season are this – if you want to give an innovative, lasting hug kind of gift to someone you love, consider this product. And if you’re anyone like me who often neglects yourself because you think that’s the “noble” thing to do, consider this product for yourself.  I’m betting you actually deserve it.  I’m realizing I sure do. And I’m psyched it only took me planning a grassroots conference to learn this very important lesson.

I’m hugging myself a little more each and every day.

Go Moji!!


From now until December 31st you can get 15% off ALL OF MOJI’S PRODUCTS if you enter HOLIDAYHUGS at checkout. And you need to order by 12/19 to make sure it gets there by Christmas so get on it.  It’s my gift of choice this holiday season so let the hugs multiply…..


3 Responses to “Giving a Hug To Someone Who Really Needs One…..Me”

  1. Karen says:

    Wow – this looks weird. No question.

    But as I think about the possibilities, I can feel my neck tightening and my shoulders hunching…

    Maybe the relief would be worth the inevitable looks I would get from my daughters?

    I might just need to look for this extra hug – thanks Lee. I deserve it, right?

  2. Deb Rox says:

    I adore my Moji. It combats shoulder and neck fatigue when I’m working on the computer. And yes, women should buy themselves gifts for the holidays. I started doing this years ago as a single mother with young kids, so that I wouldn’t mirror some other more resentful/martyr patterns that seemed to emerge in my other family members. My kids are old enough to select gifts for me now, which is lovely, and I have a partner and am well taken care of, but I still get myself a thing or two while I’m in shopping/tracking UPS deliveries mode because I really don’t buy much throughout the year. Makes the holidays a lot happier!

  3. Ash says:

    Under the wire baby. Just like the rest of my life.

    Order placed! Can’t wait to get it!! XO – Ash

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