Discovering Paradise. The Perfect Southern California Getaway. For Us.

Discovering Paradise. The Perfect Southe

How come it took me so long to find this place? I guess I found it when I needed it.  Plain and simple. My man and I just celebrated our 12-year-wedding anniversary on May 16th.  But I was working that day (even though it was a Sunday) so I instead spent my anniversary with an editor (whom I happen to adore but I still wanted to be with my man.) I’m not the kind of chick who craves diamonds or flowers or a schmancy evening out to celebrate our love, I need a getaway.  Each year we escape from the everyday to spend time remembering why we decided to spend the rest...

Hanging with Strangers

Written by Lee I’m a clean slate kind of person.  I believe that most everyone deserves a clean slate. Meaning when I first meet someone I assume the best.  That they are cool. They can be trusted. And that they will be nice to me.   Call me smart or call me stupid.  You decide. It’s just that I’ve found that if I operate from this mental and emotional place, I feel that adventures open up to me.  And I’m all about adventures in life.  Why the hell not?  What else is there to do? I want my life’s memory to include many random...