Conversations with My Kid – The Counting Edition

Conversations with My Kid – The Co

In one week my baby boy will turn three. It’s unbelievable really. I am holding onto each passing moment as tightly as possible. I tell him that he is delicious and he tells me “You’re alicious too mama.” And my heart melts into a pile of little boy love goop. Everything I’ve ever been told about being a mama to a little boy is true. I am in love. We read books together every single night as we rock together in the glider that I have rocked all by babies in.  Recently, he’s been loving reading counting books.  Every night we read one...
Conversations with My Kids – The NBA Playoff Edition

Conversations with My Kids – The N

On Wednesday night, I was giving Phoebe and Tommy a bath and out of the blue, Phoebe says to me “Mama, who are you voting for – Boston or Florida?” It took me a minute to even know what she was talking about, but of course, she was talking about the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. For the record, I am a sports fan. I love watching sports. College football (USC Trojans), pro football (the Arizona Cardinals), basketball (Phoenix Suns), Tour de France (Lance Armstrong), baseball (not a fanatic but I lean towards my childhood team the Chicago White Sox or...
Conversations with My Kid – The What I Want for My Birthday Edition

Conversations with My Kid – The Wh

It’s been quite a week. I’ve been working too many hours towards an insane deadline and being away from my kids  – A LOT. But it’s been easier this time around because my man is on hiatus from his job and is currently kicking some serious booty playing the role of Mr. Mom.  For the first time in a looooooong time, I have been able to immerse myself in a creative project I was hired to do.  And I gotta be honest, it’s been fun.  I did not suffer from the usual working mama guilt because whenever I thought of the kids, I thought...

Memories in Conversations with My Kid &#

I think I may be cheating. But I kinda don’t care. You see, it’s Friday which is when we usually play the hottest game in the momosphere…”Conversations with My Kid.” It’s this thing I started a while back to help me remember just a few of the million awesome conversations I have with my kids. And since Momalom’s Five For Ten theme today is memory, I thought this is too perfect. You see, I have a crappy memory. Like it’s kinda embarrassing. I envy those who can recall the stories of their life in vivid detail. My memory...
Conversations with my Kid – The Mother’s Day Edition

Conversations with my Kid – The Mo

I know. It’s Sunday. And I completely missed our Friday “Conversations” ritual.  It’s because of what I wrote about last Friday. I’m working. So my blog life is kinda going *poof!* It’ll come back though. It always does. So now for a special Sunday edition of “Conversations with My Kid”…. ••••••••••••••••• Last night we were having a casual family dinner around the dinner table and we were chatting about this most awesome day of the year, Mother’s Day, when I get to guilt my kids...

Conversations with my Kid – The Ma

So I started a job on Monday. A freelance television project that will last about a month or so. And a week ago was my husband’s last day on his television project that had lasted almost two years. So what does that all mean? It means this week has been all about role reversal. Mama goes to work. Daddy stays home. I love this switch on so many levels but I mainly love it because my man gets to hang at home being a daddy and just loving on his kids. And he’s damn good at it. Each evening this week I returned home to a peaceful home. Homework done, kitchen...

Conversations with my Kid – The Pe

If you watched Tina Fey’s “Brownie Husband” bit that I posted last week (and if you haven’t you should), you may remember one particular moment when the Brownie Husband’s hand is stroking her face and Tina says “Why yes honey, I did get my hair lightened. Thanks for noticing.” Okay. Who does not get that? I can pretty much tell you how many times over the course of almost 20 years together that my husband has actually noticed anything new that was going on with me – like once. Maybe twice. And I think both times were on...

Conversations with my Kid – The Bi

I took Phoebe, my 5-year-old kindergartener, to a birthday party of one of her classmates on Sunday. The entire class of 35 kids was invited to this family’s home. Whaaa????? Mind.Blowing. That mom must be a saint or on some seriously effective relaxants. We walked into the backyard, said our hellos, and within two minutes, Phoebe ran to the quintessential modern kid birthday must-have – the Bouncer. As long as there’s a bouncer, I know that I will be able to actually hang out and chat with the other moms. And chat I did. I checked in on Phoebes...

Conversation with my Kid – The Spr

We send our kids to Catholic school here in Los Angeles. And more than just wanting some solid academics, we wanted some God sprinkled in our kids’ souls. And even though I am totally a fan of the high academic standards the school espouses, I was uh, a little bummed, to say the least, when Claire, my 2nd-grader, was given homework to do over the 2-week Christmas break. “WHAT??????,” I said to Claire when she told me. Oh crap, I thought. Along with everything else I had to do, I also had to NOW keep in mind that she had homework she was supposed to...

Conversations with my Kid – The Tr

I was going to post an entirely different conversation but then this morning, I had an interesting one with my 7-1/2-year old which left me feeling a bit stumped. So I have switched gears to share this one since I appreciate gaining insight from other mamas. As I was buzzing around getting our morning going, I overheard my 2nd grader teaching my 5-1/2- year-old kindergartener one of those patty-cake, jumping-around, rhyming, singy-songs that little girls do on the playground. In this particular one, one of the lines was “Here comes a lady with an African...

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