Bringing an Idea to Life: A Personal Reflection of CA ’10

Bringing an Idea to Life: A Personal Ref

I’ve had problems with following through in my life. Not with the regular old responsible stuff. But with the stuff that sits deep in my heart and resonates with the most vulnerable, insecure part of who I am – the creative part. I have had ideas upon ideas upon ideas. Most of them have never seen the light of day. There have been plenty of starts. But it feels like there have been many more stops. For a long time, I was even nervous to call myself a creative person. Because even in the labeling of myself as someone who is “creative” brought up feelings of...
The Only Thing You Need to “Succeed” In Blogging

The Only Thing You Need to “Succee

I have been in the online space for two years now and it didn’t take me that long after diving in to realize that the numbers game in the blogosphere just doesn’t add up to success. At least not the kind of success I want. At that time, there was so much chatter about numbers and traffic and SEO and it was really distracting. And it still is I think to many bloggers. Especially those in the online mom space. But if you take the time to define what your goals are in this space, you can step out of the haze of chasing meaningless numbers and step into the clarity and...

My New Venture – A Labor of Love a

I had an idea not so long ago. Or so it seems. To create something that would meld the two great loves of my life – being a mom and telling stories through video. With support from too many people to name here right now, the idea was brought to life. It’s called The State of the Mom. Will you do me the HUGEST favor and go check it out? Will you click around and truly let me know what you think? I need eyeballs to see it, and I need feedback. Good, honest feedback. Don’t be afraid to give it to me straight. I’m all about the straight-talking. ...