“Country Strong” from JFK to LAX

“Country Strong” from JFK to

My brother, who travels all over the world, has told me that he often finds himself crying watching movies on airplanes. Movies that wouldn’t otherwise inspire him to cry if he saw the same movies in a theater. I’m thinking about this now as I sit suspended in air trying not to think about being suspended in the air. I’m feeling kinda emotional too right now. I mean, I just found myself weeping during the airplane movie, Country Strong, which really does not deserve my tears. So I’m thinking about this interesting phenomenon about crying on airplanes. I wonder...

Aging Gracefully?

Written by Deb I remember very clearly being in such a big hurry to turn 40. So much so, from the time I turned 35, I would round up and tell people I was “approaching 40.” I even subscribed to that magazine specifically for the over 40 set, More, when I was only 38 (I know, I am such a rule breaker. Or just really, really stupid.). Looking back, I don’t know what the rush was (duh), but I think I was under the severely misguided impression that I would somehow magically morph into Sela Ward or Andie McDowell. And let’s not forget that stupid Oprah...