Conversations with My Kids – The NBA Playoff Edition

Conversations with My Kids – The N

On Wednesday night, I was giving Phoebe and Tommy a bath and out of the blue, Phoebe says to me “Mama, who are you voting for – Boston or Florida?” It took me a minute to even know what she was talking about, but of course, she was talking about the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. For the record, I am a sports fan. I love watching sports. College football (USC Trojans), pro football (the Arizona Cardinals), basketball (Phoenix Suns), Tour de France (Lance Armstrong), baseball (not a fanatic but I lean towards my childhood team the Chicago White Sox or...

Her Hands

Our Mother’s Day Week extravaganza continues today with a post from one of the original moms without a blog here at MWOB, Kath.  I have known Kath since we were 9 years old and we are blessed with a rare and lasting friendship. Her words today hit me to the core and my heart aches for her as she approaches her second mother’s day without her mom.  I knew her mom.  I ate lots of her mom’s food at a green formica countertop surrounded by the love and humor and hospitality of an Irish family I am proud to know.  Kath’s mom simply ruled.  And she...